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Responsive Nonprofit Websites

We turn digital challenges into opportunities for growth and impact. For non-profits striving to make a difference, a strong online presence is key.

Unveiling the Potential

Crafting outstanding nonprofit websites starts with a deep dive into your mission. Through meticulous exploration, we identify pain points and understand your organization’s unique nuances. This insight allows us to build a site that meets your nonprofit’s core needs, aligns with your audience’s aspirations, and engages visitors effectively.

Boosting Your Online Impact

Our strategy combines design and development for nonprofit websites. With WordPress, we create captivating spaces that echo your mission. Our design expertise ensures alignment with goals, drawing hearts of visitors. Development brings this to life, weaving a narrative that leaves a lasting impact.

Seamless Across All Devices

Concept to Compatibility: Crafting outstanding nonprofit websites is just the beginning. Our dedication ensures flawless user experiences on all devices. Rigorous testing guarantees your website’s brilliance across platforms, solidifying your digital presence and forging connections.

Quad Cities Design is The Trusted Choice for Nonprofits on the Rise

The Imagination Library of the Prescott Area had a 200% increase in potential donors.

Through a combination of user experience optimization, a streamlined donor journey, the website effectively drove user engagement, leading to significant growth in donor interest.
Responsive Nonprofit Websites
Root and Rebound website preview

We prioritized regional programs and resources so that people get right to the information they need

We identified the two types of users that would access the site: “An Advocate” or “An Impacted Person.” Then, we filtered and prioritized what results would be populated as they ventured through the site. Finally, we prioritized regional programs and resources so that people get right to the information they need to help their clients, loved ones, or themselves.

We were able to update Just Fund's public-facing website to better promote their offerings

It made it easier to vet potential funders and organizations to reduce staffers workloads, and create a space for communications, video events, and community learning opportunities.

JustFund Nonprofit website preview

What Our Clients Say


We found Matt with Quad Cities Design when looking to do a rebuild of our website for nonprofit consulting. We were looking for someone local who would really take the time to understand the vision for the site. Matt is fantastic! He and his team provided us exactly what we were looking for. He is easy to work with, a solid communicator, and he delivered everything on time and budget.

Juliana Schirmer

Matt and his team did an incredible job with our website redesign. They were extremely responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Laurel Pendle

Matt was wonderful to work with and did such a terrific job on designing our new website for the Imagination Library. He is very professional, organized and great at communication. I would absolutely highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! As a matter of fact, I have already recommended him to a few friends here locally.

Debbie Malone

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